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The NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (NCS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group (CISRI), which is a large-sized research institute affiliated to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC). NCS was established as a high-tech enterprise through integration of the functions of the National Analysis Center for Iron and Steel, National Center for Quality Supervision & Test of Iron and Steel Material Products, Analysis and Testing Institute under the Central Iron & Steel Research Institute, National Metallurgical Industry Steel NDT Center, Analysis and Test Training Center of Central Iron & Steel Research Institute and CISRI Qingdao Marine Corrosion Institute, Beijing NCS Analytical Instruments Co., Ltd.

The NDT Equipment Division is one of the major functional segments of NCS. After more than thirty years of development, the Division has accumulated abundant human resources and technical strength based on the former NDT Research Lab of the Central Iron & Steel Research Institute.

More than 90% of the staff hold a bachelor degree or above, and 25% of them are professors and senior engineers. As a research oriented state-owned enterprise, this Division has been focusing on both research and development, and made splendid achievements in NDT technology research and industrialization. It has undertaken 12 national research projects and received granted number of awards, including a provincial science and technology award (first prize), two second prize awards and three third prize awards. It has been granted 21 national patents; chaired and participated in the formulation of 14 national and industrial standards; and published more than 100 treatises at NDT academic conferences and on professional journals both in China and overseas.

In terms of industrialization of research achievements, so far, it has built nearly 200 automatic ultrasonic, eddy current, leakage magnetic flux and magnetic particle detection lines and facilities for the production of seamless steel tubes, welded tubes, steel bars, steel plates, train wheels for nearly 100 enterprises in sectors such as metallurgy, petrochemical, railway and machine building. In addition, the Department has sold over 1000 sets of NDT instruments, including eddy current detectors, ultrasonic detectors and electromagnetic ultrasonic detectors. With the technical support from the Central Iron & Steel Research Institute and NCS, the Division has established its own technical development department, machinery design department, electrical engineering department and customer service department to provide all-around services for customers. Guided by the philosophy of “building national brands with international first-class standards”, the Division is committed to independent research and development in order to become a first-class NDT technology and equipment supplier in China.

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