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Testing Instruments

The NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (NCS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group (CISRI), established as a high-tech enterprise through integration of the functions of the National Iron and Steel Testing Center, National Center for Quality Supervision & Testing of Steel Products, Analysis and Testing Institute under the Central Iron & Steel Research Institute, National Metallurgical Industry Steel NDT Center, Analysis and Test Training Center of Central Iron & Steel Research Institute and CISRI Qingdao Marine Corrosion Institute, Beijing NCS Analytical Instruments Co., Ltd.

NCS has a wholly functional division devoted to testing and analysis equipment development, assemble and sales. The division is located at the north skirt of Beijing. Products are categorized as ICP OES, OES spectrometers, portable XRF spectrometer, gas analyzer, testing machine, NDT tester, and consumables. Sales network covers most areas of China mainland.

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